Safe, authentic relationships where individuals are free to expose the lies, they have believed as truth,

learning how to live the life God has purposed for them.


Healed individuals that lead to healed families and the end of generational cycles.

Christ-centered fellowship providing a safe and loving community for people in recovery.

Get to know our Leaders and Team

Debbie G


I thought I had it all together. I had a great career and all the answers, and I was also not ready for a series of events that rocked my life. I ended up in a mess of addiction, divorce, dysfunction, and heartache. I lost loved ones, and I knew I couldn’t get my life back. I had to take a step in a new direction. It took time, love, and mentoring, but my life was changed. I am a survivor of two sibling suicides, domestic abuse, divorce, and a whole lot more. But Jesus has redeemed my life and given me a purpose that I never had before. Today I sit with people in crisis and I serve them in the same way that I was served. I get it because I’ve lived it, and I will stick with you!

Dream Team


During the week and each Friday night meeting is quite a production and we have the best team to make it happen. Helping us to deliver messages of hope and change, experiencing food and worship, and even engaging in a virtual community, we've got it all covered.

(Left to right):

Vanessa Sarzoza

Phillip Sarzoza

Sean Spurling

Destiny Spurling

Anitrese Sadio

Jennifer Moran

(Bryan Moran not pictured)

Dennis G

Debbie G



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