Beyond Fear to Freedom

Finding new life in courageous community.
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New CEO Announced!

BFF has announced the appointment of our new CEO. Learn more at the press release below.

Courageous Community

We are real people dealing with real life issues in a community that provides an atmosphere of
vulnerability and acceptance utilizing trauma informed care. We provide a way to recover, break
cycles and seek inner healing that leads to the healing of families and the end of generational
cycles, preparing the next generation with tools for wholeness through Jesus Christ.


Safe, authentic relationships where individuals are free to expose the lies they
have believed as truth, learning how to live the life God has purposed for them.


Healed individuals that lead to healed families and the end of generational cycles.

"BFF is definitely 100% what God had planned for my life.... what he had planned was to keep building our relationship stronger was a little group called BFF, that his loyal servant Debbie G founded and I'm forever grateful for BFF for helping me keep this relationship that I have going with my Lord and Savior strong! During my time of worship and our table talk times over the years, I have formed loving relationships with beautiful, amazing, God-fearing women that I will have FOREVER! And I am forever grateful for BFF and what it has brought into my life."

— Kelly N.

"BFF has impacted my life substantially in the last few years. I have been able to grow in my faith with other Christ minded people and BFF has also allowed me to be accountable to not only a large group of people, but men in particular who show up every Friday night and break bread together, and we learn more not only about God and his Son who died on the cross for us, but we also get to learn about us and our strengths and weaknesses. BFF has also impacted my children and we have become closer as a family. My wife and I have both graduated, and we love being a part of such a positive and influential Christlike organization"

— Sean S.

"BFF is so special to me because it helped me find my voice and dig deeper in my relationship with God. When I first attended, I met all these women who were loving on each other embracing their flaws and being real with each other. Giving hugs offering support and just loving on one another. And honestly that is exactly what I needed to get me through my fight with DCS and my recovery from addiction and the trauma that happened to me. Through my sisters at BFF and the wonderful leader Debbie G I found my strength to let go of the generational curses and holds the devil had on my life and take that leap of faith full force with God in the forefront of it all. I have never felt so loved and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. God knew BFF was exactly what I needed to realize the Queen I have always been and help other women whose crowns have tilted to get up and fix theirs too."

– Rochelle J.

Partner with BFF

We are a non-profit Christian organization and all our programs are donor-supported. Many of the women we support are in crisis and need any kind of support we can give. We provide dinner, childcare, and teaching at no cost, and often become involved in their lives at a much deeper level.

Your support allows us to remain available and to transform lives, families, and generations.