Courageous Community

What is Courageous Community?

Change isn’t easy, but we know that you need it. We all become trapped in cycles because we believe lies about ourselves. Through our courageous community, we unravel these lies to create space for change, and we all experience a better life! We do this through small groups, safe discussion, and biblical teaching to restore and redeem broken lives.


"Wow. I did not know what I was in store for at BFF. I've learned so much through authentic community — talking about real things with real women."

– Amanda


We get it. We’ve been there.

All of our leaders have come up through the ranks at BFF. We don't have neat and tidy pasts. But through exposing lies we've believed, and taking the journey within an authentic community, we've found new freedom. And we want you to experience it too!

We’re ready for you!

Come together with Beyond Fear to Freedom!

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