BFF Live

Freedom In His Name

Be on the watch for our very own BFF Theme Song: Freedom In His Name to be released!

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6th annual BFF Summer Picnic

Are you bored in the summer? Miss your community? Need a place to grub and hug for an afternoon? Hi family! Each summer we gather to keep into contact and community during our summer break. This year it will be June 20. Due to this COVID thing and Phoenix re-entering bake into a state of…

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Do you ever feel like quitting? Tired of trying? Is the battle really worth the payoff? I feel so alone. It is not good for us to be alone. No one thrives alone. We need each other to encourage and support each other to press on. We need people to hold out a hand to…

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We Have A Video Podcast!


We want the BFF teachings to reach as many people as possible! If you miss a Friday night, if you want to share what you've learned with a friend, or if you want to hear more of what we're all about... check out our video podcast! We'd love to interact with you there.

We want to see you this Friday!