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Amanda’s Story

Christ-centered fellowship providing a safe and loving community for people in recovery.


Debbie G, Founder

“I thought I had it all together. I had a great career and all the answers, and I was also not ready for a series of events that rocked my life. I ended up in a mess of addiction, divorce, dysfunction, and heartache. I lost loved ones, and I knew I couldn’t get my life back. I had to take a step in a new direction. It took time, love, and mentoring, but my life was changed. I am a survivor of two sibling suicides, domestic abuse, divorce, and a whole lot more. But Jesus has redeemed my life and given me a purpose that I never had before. Today I sit with people in crisis and I serve them in the same way that I was served. I get it because I’ve lived it, and I will stick with you!”

Susan Connelly-Wright, CEO

Having grown up in a broken home, I then raised my children in a broken home continuing the cycle. My addiction led me to abandon my children, homelessness, and I lived a depraved life. I cried out to the Lord 8 years ago and he has truly set me free as I have followed him out of that miserable pit! For the last 8 years I have taken the gospel into the rehab that I got sober at. I could not believe the love and mercy that is available in Christ even though I had walked away from him so many times. I want everyone to know about the transformational power available in Christ and to meet others right where they are at to do so. I am happily married to Joseph Wright who also gave his life to the Lord 10 years ago in prison. We have a beautiful family that God has restored. I dropped out of high school when I was young, yet just finished my master’s in management & leadership to bring glory to God for how far he can bring a life surrendered to him! I am excited to step into the role of CEO at BFF and carry on the legacy of intercepting people’s lives in their most vulnerable moments to help them walk free in Christ!!!!

Vanessa Sarzoza

“Coming from a family line of addiction, racism and incarceration and to being where I am today, is nothing less than the mighty and merciful hand of almighty God. Not only did he save me, but He has also transformed my heart, my life and given me a future and a hope I never thought was possible.  Truly from Death to Life!”  

Phil Sarzoza

“Being given a second chance at life free of drug addiction and prison, I have found a sense of purpose in leading other men to the Cross of Christ. Jesus is the only reason I have the wonderful life I have today. A wife who loves and trusts me, a daughter I an raise the right way, a job where I am leading men to a good work ethic and accountability. I would have never thought any of this was possible. But God!  It is an honor to lead the men of BFC and to stand with my beautiful wife in her role at BFF.  Jesus. The game changer!” 

Amber Guerrieri

We met Amber in 2015 along with her 6-month-old son Keith. Amber was a part of the Bridge 2 Hope Ministry where she flourished. We have been a part of Amber’s and Keith’s life since then. That is one of the greatest joys of BFF is that we are actually a part of these mom’s lives as they journey their new journey with Christ, and being a single Mom, Amber has had to lean on the Lord a lot. And she has done so beautifully. Amber has a full-time position with a top law firm downtown, and recently purchased her own home. This is a joy for us to have Amber join us, not only because we know she will do a great job, but because one of our goals at BFF is to help raise up leaders from within the Community. So, this is very cool for us! We LOVE to see God work this way and I know you do too. So, please join me in welcoming Amber to the Team! And please pray for her and Keith as they re-enter BFF in a whole new way in a whole new season. You Go Girl!!

Congratulations to our newest Alumni!

At BFF I was able to plug into my faith to be loved unconditionally by the BFF family. I received the warm love they have given to me since day one helps me to be more loving, to give, to give others the grace HE gives me. To have a faith based recovery outlet helped and still does fill the void of boredom, home sickness, old behaviors and character traits. Salting my slippery slopes in life. With the word of God Almighty, extended sisters and brothers on the same page similar goals with HIM in Focus. I now feel confident in my relationship with GOD I know HE is my father giving him my best helps me to be the best me choice after choice, day after day. I pray often I speak to him, I speak of him proudly to strangers I trust in HIM like never before. My relationships have grown stronger with my two girls Danyella and Zahara when parenting gets hard I have many sisters to turn to for prayer and shoulders to cry on.


BFF has impacted my life in a positive and great way It has taught me how to break generational patterns, to be a better person and to let go of that bad fruit! BFF has changed my life and I’m blessed to be a part of a great community!


I was raised in a dysfunctional toxic family as a child. I was introduced to addiction. A young age. I was not feeling loved or protected. I felt lost helpless, and in this journey, I found my father my savior, and the king brought me to Bff, which has changed my life to help me, put aside my old behaviors, and to bring out the green fruit tree out and planting the seeds that he made for us. I am not redeemed, and God is showing up in my life and my family and now I get to show my daughter what life that our father gave us to live for.


Beyond Fear to Freedom has been a blessing in so many ways. When I first began attending I was in arguably the darkest valley of my life. I was not looking for Christ and only attended out of obligation. But I knew my life needed changing. The fellowship/brotherhood and Love I received from the BFC group was and is amazing. I was able to bring all my baggage and not feel alone in my struggles. These guys have been huge examples of faith, strength and courage for me.


I’m so blesses that I get to be a part of the BFF community. Since the very beginning I was welcomed with open arms And smiling faces. Throughout the years I have struggled not only with addiction but with my faith in God. I wanted to blame God for All of the things that were going wrong in my life. Throughout my recovery journey I have learned to take ownership of my wrongdoings and I can look back and see that God was with me every step of the way, he had to of been or I wouldn’t be here today. I truly am blessed. I love coming to BFF on Friday nights and being surrounded I strong intelligent women. I know when I sit at that table I can talk about anything and not be judged, I’m surrounded by women who understand where I’m coming from because they come from similar Circumstances. I look up to these women, They give me faith and hope that I too can Succeed and be the best version of myself, the woman that God intended me to be. I have a relationship with my higher power that I never had before, I have trust, today I have faith that God will guide me and Everything will work out According to his plan.